Internet Entrepreneur Sites to Explore: Kalvakade Krew

Internet Entrepreneurs know getting useful information to gain success in business ventures can sometimes be costly. Finding quality free or low expense information is difficult to say the least. The key to getting free quality information is reading between the lines. Sometimes you have to approach information with the idea of what are they not telling and what are they showing at the same time. Many times you can glean quite a bit of information from the relatively ineffective free reports and the flashy sales letters pages.

Where do you get information low cost and worth it?

From diligent research and planning. Succeed on purpose. Consider these Activities.

1. Write down what your intended business goal is–Do you want to promote your own products/busiess or are you promoting for someone else?

2. Do weekly to daily searches for your product or business–What sites stay at the top of the list? What ads pop up on the sides and top of result page?

3. Go to the top 5-10 (usually this is the results from the page of the result) results returned–What does that landing page look like? How engaging was the content? Would you consider this product if you were in the market?

4. Search for blogs, then forums related to your business/product. Repeat step 3 for blogs and forums, as well as join as many that interest you. This will keep you in the loop. You can see what

5. Check out your goals and see how the information you have just obtained, for no other cost than time and understanding, can be applied.

6. Model your pages/sites after those that were popular and appealed to your business concepts.

7. Model your blogs and forum post after the most successful and create links out to the the blogs and forums that you have joined. It is important to join these sites to show that you have more than a passing fancy. If you are not a participant in the community then you are just a lurker. Your posts about your business will be considered spam if not supported by other interactions. Also make sure interactions are limited to forum or blogs main topics. Post about things not related to topics are also considered spam.

8. Keep systems and help product costs low by looking for products that cost no more than $10.  There are some simple digital products out there that can help increase productivity, confidence, knowledge and ultimately your success blueprint.  I try to review or purchase 2-3 help systems every 3 months. This keeps my knowledge of market and competitors updated while spending very little.

9. Thoroughly go through the information. Have the understanding that the information will not be excessively detailed. Start out with mind set, what are they leaving out and showing me at the same time?  This is the key to their success, so model your success plans to incorporate the techniques you pick up from other businesses.

10. Understand that time is needed to set up any project and NONE of the systems high or low cost can deliver ‘overnight’. However very many of these systems once set up properly can run on automatic. Generating revenue while you are creating another stream.   Check out:  Wealth Builders Primer. An Entrepreneur guide book, including the points above, as well as other topics of interest for the serious internet entrepreneur. There are ways to make money  on the internet. A little effort goes a long way.

Wow, right under your nose jewels of information can be found. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to learn to dominate the internet. My goals include retaining as much of my revenue as possible. Anything that I can pay for in time and lessons learned is the better value. It took me less than 30 secs to find this very helpful blog-Shout Out to Kalvakade Krew-witty informative writing for the common man. Yet High brow enough to allay boredom and increase personal edification. Glad I found this site today. Stay Healthy Strong and Free My Friend.


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