Car Bomber in Kansas

Alleged Car Bomber Arrested


As if we don’t have enough issues with foreigners trying to bomb, our own citizens are adding to the frustration.

Car Bomber Go Home!

I don’t get it sometimes. How are you going to bomb a military base?
If you are unhappy with this country Leave. That’s like living in some one else’s house and not liking them, being in common with them, and then blowing up there house. Why not just leave. Especially if you are going to side with people who definitely have shown their animosity

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Car Bomber Parents

And, I wonder what type of crap the parents were teaching considering the alleged bomber is barely out of his teens.  Now my children have to not only be scared of ‘insurgents’-in my Katt Williams Voice but now possibly the next door neighbor, too.  ….and I think to my self what a scary world , oh yeah .

Have a Prosperous Day


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