Why Realtors give you bad news…..

Uh Oh, Bad News from the realtor.

Sometimes, You just don’t get what you expected. Many Home owners find out when going to list their homes that things may not be as they intended. A Realtor’s position is to professionally guide you through the sometimes treacherous waters of Real Estate. Having been a Real Estate agent my self, I know all too well that sellers ideas reflect more often emotions and sentiment. Realtors put the ‘real’ in Real Estate. It is their duty to give you the best guidance and advice.

The following blog post caught my eye this morning and I just had to share it. Miranda has courageously pulled back the curtain. She wants to spill the beans. Why? So You make a better buying decision than the couple in her story.
Too often less than honest agents will preen a situation with the highest value to themselves and no thought to your future outcome. But, Miranda would like to give you the heads up so to speak. This right here speaks volumes about her dedication to her craft. She wants you to be informed before you buy a property. If I were in the market to buy a house I would trust that she would be up front, honest, and wholly on my side. This is, in my opinion, a very good display of fiduciary relationship en masse.real estate questions

—” If you want people to lie to you, you can call another agent and they will be happy to oblige,…Stay in touch with the agent who is telling you the truth. That one is a keeper.”—- Miranda

Miranda Blogs Real Estate

I just met the loveliest couple at a listing appointment.  I was dreading the appointment because they only bought the home a year ago and it was a builder model, so they paid top price.  I knew I was going to have some bad news for them and that is always the worst part of our jobs, to tell people what they NEED to hear, not what they WANT to hear.  In this case, the truth was met with disappointment but not the anger that we sometimes get when we have to give bad news.

This made me think that it is time to write about giving bad news.  It would be so much easier to just tell people what they want to hear.  In fact, there are plenty of agents, and even a broker or two I have worked for, who subscribe to that behavior.  Think seriously about it. …

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