Burn Fat with Yoga

Burn Fat and Relax with Yoga

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Yoga can be used for relaxation and fat burning purposes. Often the poses give a challenge to the participant and one can actually break a swet. Releasing sweat is the body’s indicator that it is revved up and burning calories. Full concentration on performing poses to specification can cause a heated situation.  Even for a pose seemingly as simple as the Lotus Position can take years to master.

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Those who are not used to maintaining a lotus position on the floor can still practice this by sitting on a straight back chair. This should be done until the individual is ready to participate by doing it on the floor. Another technique to practice yoga meditation will be to lie down on the mat and put the legs on top of the chair.

Practicing the Yoga Positions Lotus is one of the low impact exercises that anyone can learn and master. When taking a class, it will be a good idea to wear loose clothing and have a mat to be able to sit or stand properly on the floor. Since this exercise has been practiced for more than 5,000 years, a lot of variations have been formed.

True to its original meaning of eight limbs, Ashtanga Yoga follows the eight limbs identified with the discipline called yoga. The eight limbs poses can be found in the Yoga Sutras as detailed by Patanjili. Indian Sri Pattabhi Jois taught Ashtanga Yoga to his students but this type of yoga was started by Sri Krishnamacharya whose book known as Yoga Makaranda became the basis for the asana poses or sequences in Ashtanga Yoga.

Followers of Kundalini Yoga believe that the dormant energies can be awakened with the proper discipline such as the discipline of Kundalini Yoga. Like the other Yoga types, Kundalini Yoga puts emphasis on the asana as well as chant and meditation to achieve the goal of releasing the hidden and dormant energies lying in the body.

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While modern medicine prescribes physical cleansing to patients including steam bathing and the likes, yoga masters ask their disciples to practice physical cleansing in every major part of the body like the nose, stomach, the major internal organs as well as the sexual organ. Other people may look at the asana as something difficult and tiresome but those who practice yoga will aver that the asana have the effect of relaxing their body and minds and ridding them of toxins that pervade the body and make it unhealthy.

Some poses can be very challenging to the physique that a person needs the mat to serve as cushion and protection against impact. The poses can make a yoga follower sweat especially if he is into Bikram or hot yoga so it is very important to keep himself in check against slips occurring from too much exertion.

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Take care of yourself. Live life healthy and Happy.


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