8″ Pot?

If you are into growing your own stuff. You have got to check  this blog article out.

I am absolutely in love with this idea. For a number of reasons.

1. As a Home school parent/teacher , this is an excellent way to teach children basic and self sustaining agriculture.

2. It is also an excellent way to teach botanical science, biology, several school related categories.

3. Community wise it teaches how to recycle some food scraps to maximize the dollar and show the direct effects of recycling.

4. Economically you can make an eight inch pot out of several recycled containers (hmm, recycling , again, yep). Coffe cans, plastic or metal-remember to punch about six 1/4 inch holes in the bottom for drainage-or cut the bottom completely out an replace with the resealable lid  and when you can, plant the whole unit. Root ball is completely protected and more moistUre is retained around root. Ok that was a lot.

5. This can become a very decorative and functional source of landscape–have you ever seen decorative cabbages planted at  office buildings? (peshaw, food as decoration, uum no) Why not plant ‘decorative‘ edible cabbage and kale?

Coming Soon from Indebwetrust Publications:   Food Gardening for Small Spaces

container gardening Can be done
container gardening Can be done


What Can You Grow in an 8″ Pot? -Planting Depth Revealed.


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