Five of a Kind is a Full House

Wow, this is an amazing story.

First time since the late 60’s, all girl quintuplet surviving in the Texas, US. The reports say the mom took less than five minutes to birth them all. Ha! That’s the easiest she’ll ever have  with five girls at a time. I have one girl and that is definitely plenty.

All Girl Quintuplets

And, I’m a little dumbstruck, All of my children (four) took way longer than 5 minutes. Heck one baby was over 24 hours for the whole process. What did she do? I wonder.

I always wonder, how do people who are having that many babies, stock up. I know most people having babies, especially the first, buy everything under the sun that they think they will need. So how do you mange that with 5 newborns coming in.

For all the trouble I think I have with two small kids, I have to thank my lucky stars that neither of them was a multiple. I wonder if they would do an interview with me for my blog. I wonder if any of the other famous multiple moms have contacted her yet. Are they all going to look practically identical when they grow up? Oh the questions!

Follow this link to read the national story  First surviving all-girl quintuplets in U.S. born.

Congratulations to the newly expanded Busby Family. Have an awesome time with your new babies. They are amazing!


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