Earth Day: Hump Day Blues, not on Earth Day

OM Gosh, it’s Wednesday! Hump Day….uuughh

Not Me!

Change your perspective. Wednesday does not have to be a dreaded day. So many people seem dreary and unhappy about hump day-these folks I call glass half empty.

To these folks, the end of the week is soooo far away  ans so much work, blah, etc

But I challenge them to be glass half full. On Hump Day stand on the top of the hill and look around. See all that you have accomplished and formulate some more on the things yet to be done.

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I like to think of of the middle of the week as a time to recap and regroup. I’m almost sad that I don’t have enough time but that’s why there is a next week.

Use Wednesday as a day to re-energize rather than deflate. Hump day is the hill of the week that raises you up to survey the land around you figuratively speaking.

There are already too many factors that can oppress of every day in the world don’t add to it. Stay focused and motivated. Let the other worker melt into the office furniture like a Dali painting. You refresh and spring to life coming down the home stretch.traffic monopoly,earth day 2015,

Have a happy healthy Hump Day! Have a Great Earth Day!

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