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Home Based Business: 7 Reasons Why You Will Fail

Home Based Business : The Dream

Working from home is a goal many people have. Drop the job, tell the boss to go shove it.and Have plenty of free time to be leisurely, etc.
The majority of people dream of having a home based business for the control of their time, finances, and personal progress.
Most two parent households have both parents working to produce an income. Almost all of the single parent households have the parent working and at the very least depend solely on that parent for needs. This separates the parent from the child. During the formative phase and adolescent stage this absence is detrimental.
Right there is the most basic example of the importance of having one’s own home based business. Time, Money, Progress the average worker never has control of these things. They spend the majority of their adult lives working for companies that only give them a measly portion of the profit.

Home based business is a solution to these woes. However, Without the proper preparation and application of assetss, a Home Based Business can quickly become a Home Based Business Nightmare.

Home Based Business : The Dream/The Nightmare

In the basic sense of those desires, Yes, starting a Home Based Business is the perfect solution. However, after many years searches, listens, and scams sometimes it was a home based business nightmare of the highest magnitude. Why?

 7 Reasons Home Based Business Dreams turn into Nightmares

These are the things you need to Master to have your home based business remain a dream and of course be profitable.

When you work for someone else these are the directives that ordered all the company’s resources, human and other.

The very thing that you rebel against, the order, the precision the demand for ontime in and out, etc is the very thing you must Master at home.As much of resources as possible at the lowest cost is the basic business model at the beginning. However, results will require a fine tuning of the business model to bring about the the largest return on interest.
Top Home Based Business Dreams turn to a Nightmare
1. Lack Of Discipline

It is great to sleep late but at some point it does start feeling good. Home based business needs its owner to get up at a set time and dedicate a set number of hours to making it run smoothly and properly

2. Poor Time management

Home based business needs its owner do things as efficiently and profitably as possible. Time equals money is at its truest when you operate a home based business.  as home based business owner your goal is to do the most amount of work in the least amount of time but with top proficiency. After all it is you  home based business.

3. Lack of Endurance

If you were willing to work 10 hours a day to make someone else profit, you would be very foolish to not dedicate every moment you are doing something to the benefit of the home based business-that includes housework. A clean office helps. A home based business has the home as an office. Use your human resources to get minor tasks accomplished. Little children like to feel they are your assistant. If your friend stops by every day to chitty chat while you need to get work done put them to work. Can you type?

4. Lack of vision
This is what set the big guys apart from the Little guys VISION. There has to be a direction that you see your business heading, otherwise you’re just working a job again.
This is a home based business. How much increase would you like to see next month? Next year? If you have not contemplated your home based business growth then you are not allocating any resources to growth. Where’s Profit?
5. Underestimating Project Needs

Thinking it will only need this amount and it needs a little more. This goes hand in hand with time and asset management.
Many newbie home based business owners think that they will be turning a profit or even getting the hang of things, immediately. Some lucky home based business owner do see incredible increase in a short time. However, closer to the truth is that the average home based business takes anywhere from 6-24 months to see real returns on your investments. This is directly related to effort. This goes hand in hand with endurance.
6. Poor Work Ethic

Ok, when you worked for someone else you didn’t give it your all because you didn’t think you were getting paid what you were worth. Well, this is your home based business. If ever there was a time to get zoned out and focused in on a project now is the time. Your results have a direct relationship to your effort when you are a home based business owner. You can’t short change yourself. Maximum effort will bring the best results.

7. Poor Asset Management

Any other contributing factor to your home base business besides time is an asset.
Finances, children, friends, etc can help get your home based business be efficient and profitable.
The number one asset most home based business owners misappropriate is money.
Money is one of the most useful tools to anything not just home based based business success. Everyone is trying to syphon your funds from you to increase their bottom line.
When considering business tools for our home based business, you have to understand they want your money just like you want some customer’s money. Guard your finances jealously.
Set an investment budget with a criteria rubric. Challenge your business expenses to the penny.
Many home based business owners buy multiple business systems before fully expounding the ones they have. In an effort to get rich quick. The only way to get rich quick is to already be rich. The truth is many of the learning and business systems sold are designed to keep you coming back for more information.
Their home based business model is to keep you wanting their stuff.  They always dance around the circle to give you the information. However if you apply yourself and read the materials correctly your home based business can be profitable to you, too.

Very Useful and Economical Business Tool Recommendations

List Building– Just like big business you need to have targets to be interested in your home based business product. This tool helps you to build profitable lists of people interested in your type of product

Free Reports-Free reports can be very useful, especially if you have more time than money to spend. I have plenty to share. Subscribe to Free Reports From Indebwetrust Publications


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