If you don’t disclose it…..

Caveat Emptor

Miranda Blogs Real Estate

If you are selling a house and you don’t disclose the things that you know are wrong with it, don’t be surprised when negotiations start all over again.  Even on an AS IS contract, when you negotiate a price it is based upon what the buyer believes to be the condition.  So where there is a big surprise….GUESS WHAT?  We ask for more money off the price.

More importantly, if you know something is wrong and you conceal it, in most states you are breaking the law.  It is surprisingly easy to find out when a seller has lied, too.  Neighbors LOVE to squawk! The people who have worked on your home leave stickers and tell tale signs everywhere.  The bug guy leaves notices on the electrical panel or under the sink.  Look at your water heater and AC units? They are covered with stickers of people who have worked…

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