Dear Deb-I just joined Facebook!

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Dear Deb Discussions and Questions

Dear Deb,

For years I said, I would never join Facebook. I don’t want to share every freakin detail of my life and I don’t want to know what you had for dinner…etc.

Well, I’ve had to eat my own words. That place is great.  Just want to share instead ask something.

Rawleigh, Facebook noob

Hi Rawleigh

Welcome to facebook. Been on there for years. It’s funny because my mom said the same–I’ll never be on facebook. That is because she too had a preconceived notion of what Facebook was really like.
Well she became a member a few months ago. For of all things to get access to more friends to play the games she was playing on King.
But, for people like yourself FB is more than just a social network it is a publicist dream environment. You can make yourself known in many areas with a facebook page and some followers. Not only that many applications and sites on the internet let you sign in/up with the click of a FB button.
For artists like yourself, as far as content goes start taking pix of your work and publish so we know what your art is like. Start conversations about art, your art. What’s your story

Have a great day !
Sincerely, Indebwetrust

ps If you need to build a contact list for your endeavors try this program-I beta tested it the last week and really saw results 


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