It’s Not Fraud If You’re Married | Lisa Arends

It’s Not Fraud If You’re Married | Lisa Arends. (read more),
I’m What?!

What the..? I can’t believe people do this to one another. How do you spend years acting like you like/love someone all the while you are robbing them blind. Setting them up for disaster covertly and with no remorse whatsoever.

The years of recovery and repair that this person was left with is just plain cruel.

This article takes me into deep thought. How does any one ever trust any one?

I knew a woman who was married for thirty years, thirty years to find out her husband was a cheater and get left.  So when exactly do you start trusting some one when most marriages don’t last 30 days let alone thirty years?

What is on some one’s mind to conceive and execute such a dastardly plan. For years! Why? How do they sleep at night? How do they keep such deeds hidden never once show in their countenance the evil they are performing?

The depth of human depravity are mysterious to me.  My friends joke at me because my basic demeanor is butterflies and sunshine. Heck until a few years ago, I still naively believed that every person was basically nice and willing to share, blah, blah, blah..go ahead laugh, fake puke, whatever.  But then I too discovered that not all people exercise their capacity for compassion and charity. If they far more likely to do what they can to siphon off what you has in an effort to preserve their stores.

This has not stopped me from being me. I still will continue to be nice and kind etc. And, won’t stop me from having faith in my fellow man that they can be compassionate, too. I won’t let a few rotten apples make me close down the orchard. Preposterous!

Have great day my friends.

Moral of the story : To be aware. Very aware. Trust YOUR judgement. If something doesn’t seem right or funny, Question it! It better to feel a little discomfort now than to have serious trouble later.


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