My Baby’s Graduating! waaah

My son is graduating high school in a little over a month and I’m not ready!

I have two much younger children. but what do you do when the oldest is all done school?  I home school for several years and then give the option to go to school outside the house.  and that is what this son did.

Home schooled until half way through six grade when he tested in. But, being in parental denial clouded my future vision and the future is now the present. I am so not ready.

He is roughly six inches taller than me, and voice deep as any man by he is still my baby-sniff.
Blake the Soon to be graduate- Good Job Blake

Ok, so I’m a little sad but I am indeed very proud. I was pleased to release a previously home schooled child into institutional education and he excelled. I was very pleased that he chose auto mechanics as his course of study.

He also did some computer, and electronic study so a useful human he can be-my  greatest endeavor. A hard working well adjusted member of the society at large. It didn’t help that my chosen course of study was sociology and psychology.   A studied parent with OCD a child’s nightmare I’m sure.

But perform and learn well, he did. So but for a little sentiment, it is time to deal with some serious mental separation anxiety. He still lives at home but I’m sure his new adult activites will draw him away. As his teen aged activities have already started.

With mixed emotions I start a new phase parenting. Any advice? 😦


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