Tomorrowland Disney Movie


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Tomorrowland-The latest Disney movie


The much  anticipated Disney Movie Tomorrowland released to theatres 5/22/2015.

Hugh Laurie(House) making an appearance as the character David Nix. George Clooney not only super handsome but former boy smarty pants embarks a journey to a magical place sandwiched between time and space (hmmm the Twilight Zone , maybe).

Clooney and his child companion search high and low for long lost secrets and mythical places.

It seems that even though Disney is a master at the family style movie the critics think this film missed the mark. Many critics are saying they are left with rhetoric, and undeveloped cinematic storyline.  Not the usual exciting fare for the cinematic mogul.

Me and the Disney Movies go way back to episodes of Wild Kingdom and the Sunday Disney movieevery week when I  was a Kid.  Bedknobs and Broomsticks, The Computer wore Sneakers, Mary Poppins still classics to this day.

Haven’t had a chance to see the movie of course it just came out, but… I am skeptical just the same. Has Disney lost its touch for bringing the family together over popcorn and a movie? Are the story writer’s not as profecient as the writers of old? Or are the critics/masses just not falling for that line of entertainment any more.

What are  your toughts on the progression of entertainment coming form Disney? Did you see the movie today, What is your real world opinion of the movie?

Check Out a few of the cast Members:

George Clooney Frank Walker

Raffey Cassidy Athena

Hugh Laurie David Nix


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