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Free Link Exchange


    Free Link Exchange*Free Link ExchangeFree Link Exchange*Free Link Exchange

Have something to promote? Need More Visitors?


Marketing Genius Gold Mine! Free Business Report

Did you know that having more links to and from your page increases

  • Audience Size
  • Ranking In Search Engines
  • Potential To Convert Traffic
  • Networking Contacts
  • Credibility

This Report will show ou an ingenius plan for increasing your contacts, links, and thereby potential customer base.

All the gurus tell you to monetize your blog, site, etc but go into very little detail as to how to do some of the things that they tell you to do.


Well I’m spilling the beans!


I sat down one day and picked the brain of one of my favorite internet marketing genius friends. I decided to tell one of the little known secrets of some of the top promoters on the internetuse to get tons of free traffic.

I’m going to to tellyou you exactly how to suck new traffic to your link for free. Yes, for FREE.

Why? Because there is enough to go around, and because more links create internet prescence and credibility

If I show you how to get thousands of links for free and then we link to all of those links and they link to us and so on…

It will make things better for all if I share freely!

What the gurus don’t tell you:

  • If you aren’t spending money, you’re spending time and energy.  It takes something to get something.
  • Before they started selling and making money with their program they had to figure it out and want you to pay for their ordeal
  • They spent a LOT of money trying to make money on people who wanted to make them pay for their ordeal
  • It takes a great deal of consistency and patience to make money in the infancy of a home based business  before any of them go automatic
  • The power is in the numbers–more contacts equal more opportunities for conversion to sales–They have 100’s of websites, blogs, link exchanges, etc–A lot of it paid.

But You want to line your own pockets, not some one else’s. So low cost to free is always the most economical way to increase the bottom line of any home based busness. To realize a real profit you must spend considerably less than you make. Free information and resources take nothing from you but time. Therefore, every penny you make off of Your  efforts is pure profit whether you charge $1 or $1000 for your products….

This is how the gurus are able to make money hand over fist for decades!

I have spent a lot of time but hardly any money to acheive internet financial success. I’m happy about it! I want to share it!

Let’s Go Get Some Links

Step 1

Marketing Genius Goldmine Instructions

Perform the actions on this list–note: there are no endless surveys to fill out. Just do the list and fill out the form.

4 Step Method to Collect 1000 blog/website addresses to be included into a permalink list on your blog or website.

First things first, read through the outline carefully!

1. Like Annie Boy’s Solar Powered Stuff          Go LIKE             You gotta like free energy!

2. Follow me on G+ (G+ button should be at the bottom of page)

3. Put Indebwetrust Blog Link on your list link: ( in your linklist/bloglist

4. Put Your information here to be included in this list (public list updated every 100 submissions).


Step 2

Marketing Genius Goldmine Instuctions

Did you pay attention to what you just did? That’s How Easy it is to attract 1000 new contacts

  1. Copy everything in the list above and paste to either a blog post, face book post, or section of your website where you can enter some html code. If you copy thist post and put the information in your post(wordpress) the code for the data collection is in the page.
  2. Change the name of the site your want the traffic to come to, change how you want them them to signify their association (G+, Facebook Like, etc), change the blog link to the one you want planted on their page
  3. Capture their information
    1. If your platform does not have an auto form maker you will have to create one or have them leave their information in the open in the comments section , While there is nothing wrong with that, it does leave all of your newly collected information out in the open.  This newly collected information is now valuable marketing data for you and others just like yourself trying to monetize. Keeping it underexposed would be best.
    2. 2 Very Easy ways to create free information capture forms
      1. Google forms: Free and very user freindly. This method auto compiles data into a spreadsheet for your later use (Ask about Google Back Office Support Report)(Need the form made for you order it from me on
      2. Autoresponder Service, You will want to create a squeeze page (small form to capture prospect information). This method will collect data and give you the ability to shedule automatic email campaigns all in one spot (Ask about Autoresponder Report)
      3. Get the link or shareable code from your form source and put it as the last item on the list as I did

After you have reached a certain number of submissions offer the list for publication or just post to your page–I use 100 to build anticipation without being obnoxious.

Step 3

Marketing Genius Gold Mine Points to Ponder

  1. You now have an email list that is X names long, and if you used either of the two above methods they are already tabulated to create a monetized venture.
  2. You have helped yourself and 999 of your fellow entrepreneurs get ahead with little more than brow sweat
  3. You have learned that Google has amazing Office Suite Features (Ask about Google Back Office Course)
  4. You have learned the basics of the Autoresponder (Ask about AutoResponder Magic Course)
  5. You can repeat this whole report with all of your own information in it to create traffic, for FREE

How and Where to use this traffic generating Link 

  1. Your Facebook Page
  2. Your Twitter Page
  3. Boost a Created Page for $5 on facebook
  4. Create a free website
  5. Put in every comment you make
  6. Create a free ad
  7. Offer a free report (this report Right Here) and Link exchange
  8. Blog Posts, Forum posts
  9. Email signature, Forum Post signature
  10. Hire Me on to promote to 6k-14k in a 60 day time period for $5


A list will be posted every 100 submissions. You will be notified when the list is up.  This is a Free Link Exchange.



Free Link Exchange*Free Link ExchangeFree Link Exchange*Free Link Exchange


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